Polish Miner Uses Solar Panels to Mine Bitcoin, Heat His House


Pawel Wojciechowski is trying to reduce his carbon footprint and cut his electricity bills. He has turned to photovoltaic (PV), modules to mine cryptocurrency. The excess heat used to warm his home’s water.

Wojciechowski is an IT businessman in Gniezno in Poland’s west. He told Polish news website Onet.pl his Bitcoin mining hardware consumes 38 kWh per 24 hours. This has boosted the household’s energy consumption. An average fridge consumes 0.8 kWh during the same time.

Wojciechowski stated that he owns Bitcoin mining equipment and runs an IT company. Therefore, Wojciechowski has several computers, two servers and other electronic devices in his home. “This is why I use more energy than the average household.”

He stated that he has 31 panels currently on his roof, which have a total power output of 9.9kWp. There are as many panels as needed to install, and he needs close to 20kWp. “A friend of mine is installing a standard PV system in his home, which will have a capacity of 4.5 kWp, and it will perfectly suit his needs.”

Kilowatt peak (kWp), and kilowatt hour (kWh) are the units used to measure a PV installation’s performance. The KWp measure the installation’s peak energy output, which is i.e. Full solar radiation at a given site is measured, while kWh measures the energy generated for each kWp module capacity over a typical year. Teresa Zhang, Vice President, Folsom Labs, explained this.

According to the miner, “When there’s very good weather, my PV installation on the roof produces about 68 kWh.” “I don’t have to pay electricity, and I also earn money [mining] cryptocurrency.

Wojciechowski stated that he purchased his used Bitcoin mining hardware at PLN 800 (USD 211) from an auction site in Poland. However, “one year later, this same device was sold for around PLN 21,000 and I was able to take advantage of a significant price drop in the cryptocurrency market.”

He installed the PV system himself, which cut down on costs. It is estimated that it cost between PLN 50,000 and PLN 55,000 (USD 13.180 to USD 14.500). To reduce noise and heat water in his home, the miner spent PLN 4,000 (USD 1050).

He said that his mining equipment currently mines approximately PLN 350 worth cryptocurrency per month. However, he stated that he doesn’t want to convert it to money because cryptocurrencies are a long-term investment. He also estimated that his monthly electricity savings could reach PLN 1,000 (USD 266).

Wojciechowski stated that he will apply for funding through a government program in the coming year and also expects thermal insulation relief.

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