Poly Network Hacker Keeps Sending Funds Back, Returns USD 342M


The hacker of decentralized finance ( DeFi) has returned more that half (in USD terms), of the stolen funds.

According to, the most recent data from Poly Network shows that almost USD 342m in assets were returned as of August 12. This includes:

The Binance Smart Chain is USD 252m
Polygon: USD 85m
Ethereum: USD 4.6m
They also stated that USD 268m of Ethereum remains to be recovered. This is approximately USD 610m of stolen funds.

reported that Poly Network was the victim of an exploit on August 10. The attacker stole more than USD 600m. It was carried out on Binance Smart Chain, ETH (ETH) and Polygon (MATIC).

Although the hacker began returning funds yesterday, it is unclear why or if Poly and the attacker had any kind of agreement or if the attacker intends to return every bit.

A ‘interview’ may provide some insight, at the very least from the attacker’s side.

Embedded to Ethereum transactions sent by the account controlled by hacker. Share by Tom Robinson on Twitter by the chief scientist, cofounder of the blockchain tracker Elliptic. The hacker claimed that they were forced to play the game.

According to the hacker, they were hacking the protocol “for fun” and that cross-chain hacking was “hot,” thus the choice of Poly. However, they transferred the tokens in order to keep them safe.

They wrote that they could not think of a better solution than to save it in a trusted account and keep myself anonymous and secure.

They said that they did not want to panic and took only “important” coins “except for Shib” and did no selling.

They replied that they were pissed at the Poly team’s initial response and why they decided to sell/swap stablecoins.

According to the messages, the person is not an insider but said that they would “take the responsibility” for exposing the vulnerability before any outsider could exploit it.

They claim they aren’t being exposed and they prefer to “stay in the dark and save all the world.” According to them, the plan was always to return the funds.

Further, the hacker claims that this was an attempt to strengthen a “well designed system” that will “handle more assets like Poly.” They claimed to have been in communication with the Poly Network team and they are slowly returning funds to them so that they can talk to the team, “prove their dignity”, and get rest.

Finally, they stated that “being the crowdsourced hackers” was a bad joke after witnessing so many people asking for stolen money. They also said that being the moral leader is the coolest hack they could achieve.

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