ProBit Exchange Retains Its Grip on the IEO Space with Nearly USD 2 Million Raised


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ProBit Exchange has once established itself as the pacesetter in the IEO space following several successful IEO including a massive USD 1.5 million raise for blockchain of things project SmartKey and another USD 100,000 for decentralized vehicle marketplace Carnomaly, proving that IEO remains a staple of its arsenal and a highly cost-effective route for generating significant capital for budding blockchain projects.

Smart city solution Limestone Network was another beneficiary of ProBit Exchange’s meticulously crafted IEO platform to secure the requisite funding needed to fuel further development.

ProBit Exchange established itself as a household name in the surging IEO craze during the early stages of its launch following an extensive string of successful IEO including multiple 6-figures with several selling out in just seconds. The pacesetter in the IEO space continues to remain the top destination for blockchain projects looking to secure significant capital and provide sorely needed disruption across the spectrum.

Secondary markets have also been a major calling card for the IEO juggernaut as it has helped catapult many early-stage tokens into the stratosphere. SKEY added an exclamation point to its USD 1.5 million as the token reached a high of .45, a staggering 18X for Round 1 IEO participants who were able to acquire SKEY for only .025.

LIMEX also saw a 3.5X in token appreciation with a high of .039 following their early-stage offering at .011.

Savvy crypto enthusiasts have long benefitted from the selective and stringent vetting standards of the exchange as they continue to dedicate themselves to showcasing tokens with long term potential, concrete use case, and viable value propositions to the space.

ProBit Exchange is a Top 20 crypto exchange globally. We have completed over 200 rounds of IEO and have been consistently ranked Top 4 in Korea. ProBit Exchange provides unlimited trading access highlighted by nearly 1,000 trading pairs.

ProBit Exchange will be offering 50% discounted BTC subscriptions starting January 27 as an early 2021 gift to users.


  • 100,000+ community members
  • 800,000+ monthly active users
  • 3,000,000 monthly web visitors
  • 50,000,000 users on partnering aggregators and wallets such as CoinMarketCap
  • User interface of Multilingual website supporting 41 different languages
  • Marketing and community support in 8 key languages

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