Put Away the Ethereum ‘Knives,’ We Come in Peace – Solana Co-founder


There are not all crypto enthusiasts at one another’s throats. While there is a real rivalry among advocates of competing protocols, not all altcoin pioneers want to be called Ethereum “killers”. This includes one of the mainminds behind Solana.

SOL’s meteoric growth this year has been unstoppable, according to authors of a report . They noted that the coin has grown x45.8 over the past 12 months and, like other promising altcoins, is poised for a breakout in 2022. The coin has climbed up the list of top 10 coins by market capitalization, and has recently risen to the top 5 – surpassing other established tokens such as XRP.

SOL’s growth rate in the last 12 months has exceeded that of Cardano (ADA),, a protocol which was arguably positioned right from the beginning as an ETH killer.

Raj Gokal, co-founder of SOL, refuted the idea that there was bad blood between his protocol & Ethereum in a Twitter exchange.

Chris Burniske is the co-founder and CEO of crypto venture company Placeholder. wrote that his hope of crypto “getting along” was over.

“I have come to accept that we are all tribal in nature, and that competition actually ignites everyone. It is not ideal. It might not be ideal. It could be. Yes.

He also stated that, “despite beautiful words,” the “knives” were “fully out”.

The co-founder of Placeholder explained that crypto is a game where people want to win, especially when it comes “layer 1 protocols,” which “will influence almost every communication.” He advised punters to not “take what they see and hear as truth.” The “K”nives are completely out.”

Burniske stated that although bitcoiners had never taken the time to listen to ETH advocates, they “hate” them to such an extent that they “never bothered to get involved.”

He said that “the competition between ETH [smart contracts layer-1 protocols] and ETH is much more intimate – it opens up more subversive avenues to disinformation and attempted sabotage.”

Gokal insisted that Burniske was wrong, but writing was .

“It’s more than just beautiful words, man. It doesn’t always have to be a struggle. It is better to have more key pairs. As these platforms develop over time, [U]sers can switch between them.

He wrote that he urged Burniske not to view the crypto scene as “a fight” and urged him to write:

“Knives out” implies that we want to kill ethereum. It is impossible to kill Ethereum. It’s already a powerful force of good in the universe, creating billions of wealth and empowering millions. Bitcoin is, quite clearly, the same.”

Gokal admitted that Burniske may not have been referring to Solana directly, but he said he was “sad” and disappointed that “everytime non-Ethereum chains such as Solana succeed or take big swings in growing, it’s seen by incumbents.”

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