Research Suggests, 55% Of The World’s Bitcoin Are Held In 1% Of Wallets


Data gathered by Diar, around $100 billion in BTC is owned by less than1 percent of all wallet addresses. Notably, wallets with balances exceeding 200 BTC ($1.25 million) actually govern more than half of Bitcoin’s circulating supply. A third of all the Bitcoin held by whales have never been moved out of their respective wallets after purchase. Though, the research unit also notes that some of these reserves are owned by cryptocurrency exchanges.

The BTC bull in January raked a price exceeding $20,000, for which many blamed market manipulators for the hysteria that followed. The aforementioned figures are surely curiously impressive given the volatility of the token.

Diar the plausible reason behind the marginal number of sleeping bitcoin could be due to owners locked up out of their wallet after loosing their private keys or due to the bunch of very rich and patient cryptocurrency owners, who are staking out for a brighter future.

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