Samsung Announces TRON Support For Blockchain DApp Store And Software Development Kit


As part of its quest for expansion, Samsung has just announced its incorporation of support for Tron (TRX) on its Blockchain Keystore decentralized application (DApp) store. This means that its Samsung Blockchain Keystore software development kit (SDK) will now be integrated with functions that support TRX-based transactions.

According to TRON founder and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun, the new feature is a great one for the TRON foundation, which already fully agrees with all of Samsung’s efforts and goals.

“This is a remarkable milestone for TRON, and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Samsung. We are totally in line with and will support Samsung’s vision and strategy on blockchain technology exploration.”

Samsung has said that the new SDK will directly solve two problems including significant improvement of privacy and security, as well as the chance for creators to build more DApps that are mobile-compatible. The company notes that the new SDK is a “big step forward” for the entire blockchain community including users and developers alike. For developers, it will now be a lot easier to create blockchain software with real mobile-compatibility. Users will also be open to a wider range of DApps even for some of the most basic and common needs.

With the TRON incorporation, Tron-based DApps as well as TRC10 and TRC20 tokens will be more easily accessed by Samsung’s large customer base.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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