SoftBank Launches New Debit Card With Crypto Wallet Support


Called SBC Wallet Cards, the new offering is promised to “improve the shortcomings of traditional wallets by providing better security and access.” The card will also be able to “realize hot and cold wallet functions” as well as use its own encryption process. A SoftBank exec has described the card as a tool for improving the effectiveness of payments.

“We are not doing simple cards, but are creating a flexible and faster life of the application scene and the future of payment integration.”

SoftBank also notes that the SBC Wallet Cards will support an app, which will have a legal currency storage function, a credit card function and an electronic payment service as well, which will together make block confirmation faster, ultimately helping increase the efficiency of all payments.

Coinbase also recently expanded support for its crypto-supported debit cards to a new total of 29 countries and 9 assets.

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