Solana Gets More Investments Than Ethereum, Crypto Jobs Booming + More News


News about investments

After 3 months of weekly average outflows, monthly net flows into digital assets investment products averaged USD 72.8m in September. This is the highest weekly average since May (75.2mn), according CryptoCompare . The highest inflows from any asset were seen for Bitcoin (BTC), with an average of USD 31.2 million per week. This was followed by Solana, at USD 17.8m. It overtook Ethereum (USD 110.9m) in terms net flows. 21Shares launched its first investable product at the end July. Assets under management for BTC-based products decreased 7.8% to USD 35.1bn in September, while ETH products saw a 3% drop to USD 13.5bn.

SBI Group and Sygnum have launched a USD 75m venture capital fund based in Singapore that will invest in digital asset start-ups. The fund’s investment strategy will primarily focus on Pre-Series A and Series A companies developing blockchain/distributed ledger technology infrastructure, decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, and regulatory technology tools.
Crypto cross-chain browser wallet , XDEFI has successfully raised USD 6m. They stated that XDEFI will expand its reach to new blockchains with the new funds.

Orlando Bravo, a billionaire and cofounder of private equity company Thoma Bravo stated that he has BTC and is “very bullish on the cryptocurrency,” according to Bloomberg. Bravo stated that he enjoys bitcoin’s limited supply and believes more people will use it in the future.
Zero hash is a digital assets infrastructure firm. announced that it had raised USD 35m in Series C funding. The investment round was led Point72 Ventures along with NYCA Partners and DriveWealth.

Career news

LinkedIn. Paid US job postings using keywords ‘cryptocurrency and ‘blockchain,’ increased more than 600% over the previous year and nearly 400% compared to the same date in 2019, Bloomberg. Jobs board saw nearly 1,500% growth in paid listings since last year. “You’ll find most opportunities within the Ethereum ecosystem,” as well as on ecosystems such as Solana (SOL), Daniel Adler, founder of, was quoted as saying. According to the report, there is a greater demand for crypto talent from non-crypto companies than in previous years, when it was almost exclusively for crypto startups.

Tigran Gambaryan, who was responsible for several multibillion-dollar cyber investigations at the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), including the Silk Road website hack and the Mt. The exchange announced that Gox hacker Tigran Gambaryan will join Binance as vice-president of global intelligence, investigations, and added that Matthew Price, a former IRS special agent, will be joining the exchange as senior director for investigations.

Security news

Kraken security Labs stated that it discovered multiple software and hardware vulnerabilities in a widely used cryptocurrency ATM, the General Bytes BATMtwo. They also added that multiple attack vectors were discovered through the default administrative QR code and the Android operating system, as well as the ATM management software and the hardware case.

CBDC news

The payments giant Visa has created a concept called Universal Payments Channel (UPC) that shows the interoperability of central bank digital currencies ( HTMLCs ) to make payments. This post discusses the interconnection of different blockchain networks to allow the transfer and exchange of CBDCs.

The Bank of England (BoE), has announced the members of its engagement and technology forums. This forum includes representatives from companies like Spotify, PayPal and Asos to look into a UK CBDC. The bank stated that agendas and minutes from the forum meetings will be made available regularly.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) has stated that it is looking into the possibility of issuing digital currency. It said the potential benefits include its use as a monetary-policy tool. It stated that a digital currency would support the New Zealand dollars and can be exchanged 1-for-1 for cash.

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission has brought charges against 14 entities. These were for failing to register as futures merchants, or making misleading claims about having CFTC registration and National Futures Association membership. Two entities that claim NFA membership provide the same fraudulent ID number, which actually belongs to an individual who died in 2006.

Regulation news

The UK Financial Conduct Authority has officially registered crypto exchange CoinJar as a Cryptoasset Exchange Provider, and Custodian Wallet Provider. The company stated that the exchange will launch a variety of new products in the UK in 2018. These include a white label service to allow businesses to process backend digital currency and the CoinJar Card Mastercard which allows users to use their crypto as cash online and in-store.

The Financial Stability Board, an international body that monitors the global financial system and makes recommendations, released its Financial Stability Surveillance Framework. This framework supports the “comprehensive, methodical, and disciplined review” of vulnerabilities by the FSB and helps identify and address financial stability risks. It distinguishes between current global vulnerabilities, those that could become material within the next 2 to 3-years, and those that might become material over a longer time horizon.

Adoption news

The first US municipality to accept cryptocurrency donations is South Florida’s Mayor Francis Suarez. He believes that it may eventually replace taxes, per The Washington Post. The city has partnered with CityCoins to trade and hold cryptocurrency that represents a stake in a municipality. MiamiCoin was launched in August by the nonprofit. Suarez estimates that the effort could bring in as high as USD 60 million over the next year.

Blockchain news

The Terra blockchain completed Columbus-5. This upgrade is expected to improve the system’s compatibility with other networks. Terra now allows users to transfer assets to other chains thanks to Terra’s Inter-Blockchain Communication standard (IBC), which makes it easier for data to be exchanged between networks.

News about NFTs

The Czech Republic’s Lobkowicz Family is a Czech noble family dating back to the 14th Century. It will auction a number of non-fungible tokens and host a conference next year in Prague at the Lobkowicz Palace according to Bloomberg. The family will sell related NFTs in order to raise money for the restoration of the artifacts that are considered national treasures.

Mining news

Argo Blockchain has signed a purchase contract for 20,000 BitmainAntminer Pro machines. They will be delivered to the Texas company’s future facility in monthly batches starting in Q2 2022 and ending in Q3 2022.

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