Sports Betting dApp, DecentBET Migrates from Ethereum to VeChain Blockchain System

Shares (DBET) is a transparent, smart contract based sports betting platform and online casino, has announced that the dApp will make a switch from Ethereum to VeChainThor Blockchain. The team behind the bet coin took this step as it is crucial to  find a strategic partner whose technical capabilities will help them expand their vision to new heights.

The DBET platform will be the first of its kind to let anyone participate be the house for a casino. This platform will make use of a trusted setup wherein the addresses will provide betting lines and outcomes.

The team at DBET has made significant progress to bolster their team, vision, and progress. Their end product will help introduce a new age in gaming and casinos that enable transparency, fairness, and trust. The built platform will be host to multiple games and sports options ranging the spectrum of user interest.

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