Tech Mahindra Introduces A Blockchain Solution Aimed At Managing Spam Calls


Indian Tech Giant, Tech Mahindra will be employing a blockchain solution aimed at mitigating the issue of spam calls, as per an announcement made on Thursday.

The new solution is in line with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)’s regulations that allow using of blockchain in order to protect mobile phone subscribers from unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) or spam calls. Speaking to journalists in Hyderabad, Rajesh Dhuddu, Global Practice Leader stated that the solution would purportedly impact over 300 million mobile subscribers in the country.

He stated in a statement –

“With the concerted and coordinated efforts by the Indian government and the industry backed by appropriate regulation, India can continue to sustain and enhance its leadership position in Blockchain technology”.

Though the name of telco whose subscribers would benefit wasn’t declared, Dhuddu adds that the solution is in line with the TRAI’s regulations that will kick in from the last week of May. Tech Mahindra designed the Blockchain solution last year, in compliance with the regulations and guidelines of TRAI.

The Blockchain Solution

In collaboration with Microsoft, the company demonstrated to the regulator the proof of concept of this solution, that will enable telecom providers to stop others from having unauthorized access of their subscribers’ data.

Reportedly, Tech Mahindra has employes a team of 50 people involved in writing the blockchain code, hailing from Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai. Tech Mahindra will be following a revenue model based on one-time implementation followed by managed services.

Dhuddu kept further details about the charges of the revenue expected under wraps, stating that the company was in a silent period and could not discuss them. Though, Dhuddu did elaborate that the solution is not built ‘consent (from a customer that a tele marketer may need) as a service’ offering.

As per him, the solution could be deployed in different verticals such as health in order to maintain patient health records or in the media and entertainment industry to protect IPR. He further adds that the company is already in discussion with telco operators abroad to tap global customers for this offering.

Dhuddu notes that With 800 million subscribers to be impacted by the TRAI regulation, this could be world’s largest use case for a blockchain solution in this space. Other companies in the likes of IBM and Tanla are also trying to tap into the market.

How does it work

The preferences and details of subscribers regarding who to permit to reach out with messages and calls will be blockchained. A note issued by the company demonstrates Blockchain capabilities in diverse sectors including telecom, manufacturing, hi-tech industries. and financial services.

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