Telecom Regulator TRAI Proposes Use of Blockchain To Curb Spam Calls



The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Tuesday issued draft guidelines to curb pesky calls and SMSes by usingEconomic Times, TRAI Chairman RS Sharma told reporters,

“Blockchain will ensure two things — non- repudiative and confidentiality. Only those authorised to access details will be able to access subscriber details and only when they need to deliver service… Trai will become first organisation to implement this kind of regulation,” 

It also implemented stricter regulation for telemarketers for seeking consent from the customers for commercial calls and messages. It released the draft Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation, 2018, to check the menace of Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC), or spam calls and messages.

Sharma continued his statement on use of blockchain, and said it will ensure confidentiality of data and the information will be made available only on a need-to-know basis. Besides, blockchain, or Distributed Ledger Technology, will ensure that no party in this process will be able to deny their actions as all that will be registered in the ledger.

 “This is a serious issue and we are making regulations more strict. What we are trying to do is ensure that all entities in the telemarketing chain are registered so as to fix compliance. Then we are planning to use the blockchain technology to make the process more effective.” 

Issuing the draft Regulation, TRAI has asked stakeholders to submit their comments on the same by June 11, post which it will finalise the norms. The final regulations are expected before July-end.

Firms will also have to assert their identity through a header directly registered in their name, before they can communicate with interested users.

Another step, which Trai feels will be effective in checking spam calls and texts, is to work together with telecom operators

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