Telegram Announces Coding Contest with $400k in Rewards


As on the Telegram Contests channel on September 24, the contest relates to the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain being developed by Telegram. CThe contest ends on October 15.

Smart Contracts, Improvements and Bug Bounties

contest document toolsThe list of smart contracts that developers can build include a multi-signature wallet, two types of simple TON DNS Resolver smart contracts, a synchronous two-party payment channel, and an asynchronous two-party payment channel.

The total prize fund allocated to the smart contract developers, according to the contest details, is $200,000.

Telegram has previously conducted contests for developers to break its cryptographic encryption. The contests in and ended with no winners. The way the contest was structured and the purpose of the contest itself was by security researchers and members of the cryptographic community at the time.

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