Telegram Investor Backs Durov Crypto Return to ‘Kick Zuckerberg’s Ass’


An investor in Telegram’s aborted Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain platform says he believes the project’s mastermind is not yet ready to walk away from his failed initial coin offering (ICO) – and backed Telegram to return to the crypto fray with renewed vigor.

In a column for Forbes Russia, Pavel Cherkashin, a managing partner at Mindrock Capital and GVA Capital and one of the investors in the doomed USD 1.7 billion TON ICO, wrote about his adventure with TON.

He opined that a bitter feud involving Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg was the real reason for TON’s failure, confirmed earlier this week, but backed Telegram boss Pavel Durov to return to the project in some form.

Cherkashin wrote,

Cherkashin also opined that Zuckerberg had essentially pirated his idea for Libra from Durov’s TON plan. He stated that the Facebook chief was furious that his own, American project was being derailed while Durov’s Russia-based TON project was being left to run unchecked – a fact that led him to berate American regulators on the matter.

This outburst, says Cherkashin, led the regulatory Securities and Exchanges Commission to begin the legal proceedings that eventually derailed TON.

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