The ‘Discovery’ Protocol on Ethereum Mainnet, Delayed By Enigma


Enigma delays the launch of its mainnet that aim to bring privacy to the world of public blockchains, as a part of reworking of its developmental roadmap.

Earlier a blog published by the company;  stated their plan to deploy its “Discovery” protocol on the live ethereum network or “mainnet”, launched on an ethereum “testnet” over the summer by the end of the third quarter.  According to a blog post published Thursday, the company brings a change in their plan to continue building out the Enigma ecosystem and work with the project’s stakeholders. The blog states :

“We have decided to extend our initial timelines and focus on working with our partners to grow our ecosystem, expand Enigma’s capabilities, and build secret contracts. Importantly, we will keep a strong focus on acquiring and onboarding new launch partners between now and a mainnet launch – and you can stay tuned for more news on this front.”

Tor Bair, the head of growth and marketing of Engima, told CoinDesk:

“From my perspective, the decision to delay a mainnet release means we’ll be able to achieve our long-term mission faster of supporting global adoption of dApps. Given our focus, it’s not a delay at all – it’s actually an acceleration towards our primary mission. It means we’re building a healthier, larger ecosystem sooner. It’s an easy business decision and a difficult communication.”

Her further criticized the focus provided to deadline, Bair argues:

“Honestly, the addiction to ‘when mainnet’ isn’t healthy for protocols. It’s like demanding quarterly earnings from public companies, except we’re an early stage startup and we have to ship high-stakes code instead of just revealing a balance sheet. We have no intention of shipping something without having immediate adoption, and we want to minimize risks for the projects who will depend on us.”

Known for its complexity with several different “mainnet”, Enigma’s roadmap is to launch over the next couple of years. Discovery will employ Enigma’s “secret contracts” to the live ethereum network. In contrast to the normal smart contracts, the secret contracts, conceal the data they’re processing, Potentially enabling the decentralized applications to protect sensitive personal data such as financial and medical information.

While Discovery is the next progressive step towards Enigma’s ultimate goals,subsequent releases such as “Voyager,” “Valiant” and “Defiant,” each with their own testnet and mainnet stages that incorporates technology in the likes of multiparty computation, further decentralizing the Enigma protocol, enabling it to scale more effectively, and transitioning it to its own blockchain.

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