These High Profile Bitcoin Investors Accumulate Ethereum Too


Following strong price gains this year, prominent bitcoin (BTC) investors are revealing their growing interest in ethereum (ETH).

The most recent example is Garry Tan, Co-founder of venture capital firm Initialized Capital, and one of the early investors in major crypto exchange Coinbase, who tweeted on Sunday that he had “started accumulating ETH again.” At the same time, however, Tan stressed that his long-term ETH investment comes in addition to BTC, and not instead of it, and that prices may still drop in the short-term for investors who would like to pick it up at lower prices.

The news that Tan is getting back into ethereum also comes after it became known that the Winklevoss twins, founders of the Gemini crypto exchange, also hold “a material amount” of the second largest cryptoasset by market capitalization.

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