Top Ethereum Wallets That Supports Smart Contracts


Ethereum Wallets Which Support Smart Contracts

There are plenty of cryptocurrency wallets out there to store your crypto assets but not all of them supports the What is Ethereum Smart Contract Wallet?

Digital wallets which can safely store Ether and which also allows it’s users to write, maintain, use, and deploy smart contracts are called “Ethereum smart contract wallets”.

Smart contracts refer to the computer codes which enforce, validate and facilitate the contract’s terms of agreement. They are implemented against a public address on Ethereum blockchain. Thus, special Ethereum wallets are required for accessing such address by interacting with the smart contract’s code. Given the afresh nature of technology, options are not abundant when it comes to wallet selection. We have listed some of the most popular and functional ones which can get your job done in a hassle-free way.

List of Best Ethereum Smart Contract Wallets


JAXX is a multi-asset mobile wallet created by Decentral, a Canadian company provides storage support to 16 different cryptocurrencies with constant drive of innovation for bringing more and more crypto tokens under its radar. Beginners can navigate the system easily which has helped Jaxx in gaining a wide consumer base spread across 400000 users. You can make use of seed keys for restoring the funds whenever felt necessary and the private keys never leave the device. The mobile wallet extends support to Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Firefox and Chrome extensions. Jaxx is also planning to come up with a hardware wallet pretty soon. This free to use wallet can be the perfect option for those who do not wish to splurge out their kitty on purchasing an Ethereum wallet. This multi-crypto wallet also supports interaction with the Ethereum smart contracts. You can enter your ETH address under the “Send” section and define the “gas value” underneath. You can add custom data or strings to the contract on possessing information about the specific address.


MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a web wallet does not use any servers for hosting private keys. It rather stores the private keys on the computer thus making the wallet much safer. Users can write and access Smart contracts using this open-source wallet. Other hardware wallets such as Trezor or Ledger Nano S can also be used in association with MyEtherWallet for accessing it on a computer. Any web platform can be used for accessing this wallet which becomes pretty easy to operate once you have mastered the basics. This offline wallet written in Javascript generates necessary data by using the machine’s browser.

Ethereum’s Mist Wallet

Mist is the official Ethereum wallet application which can be downloaded and synchronized with all the Ethereum nodes. A password has to be set thereafter which needs to be stored safely since you cannot recover the wallet in any way if the password gets lost. Once the initial set-up has been done, using the wallet becomes pretty easy. You can send and receive Ethereum using just a set of private and public keys. Greater security gets guaranteed by the fact that the private keys are not hosted on the server and stored on the device. The ShapeShift integration makes coin trading with other currencies very easy as Mist is accessed through Windows, Linux and Mac platform in a manner similar to Jaxx.

Geth, Eth & Pyethapp

These three are the official Ethereum wallets which have been implemented in three different languages. Users need to have some knowledge about programming to access these wallets which can be used for sending transactions, creating contracts and mining Ether. You can explore block history, mine ether, create smart contracts for sending transactions and transfer funds using these wallets which are available over Mac, Linux and Windows platform.

  • Geth – Implemented in Go programming C language.
  • Eth – Implemented in C++ programming language.
  • Pyethapp – Implemented in Python programming language.

The dynamic technology of Ethereum promises many more innovations in days to come. However, for making the most of its unbridled potential, you need the backing of a potent wallet and the list collated above is bound to be of great help in your search for the same.

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