Twitter Introduces Verified NFT Profile Pics, Sets up Foundation Account


Twitter has made further tentative steps into Ethereum and nonfungible tokens – by allowing some users to use verified NFTs for their profile pictures. The firm also created an account on the invitation-only, ethereum-based NFT market Foundation.

Twitter Blue has posted an official tweet and created a new page . Users of the service, which is USD 2.99 per monthly, can “set an NFT” as their profile photo from the Twitter app. This means that they must have an Apple iPhone, but this will allow them to use a unique “verified” hexagon-shaped profile picture across all platforms.

The move will go beyond aesthetics. Twitter explained:

“Setting up a NFT profile photo means that people can associate your account on Twitter with your connected crypto wallet address.”

This meant that such accounts would be linked to your historical and current crypto wallet transactions and holdings.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey was an outspoken Bitcoin (BTC) bull. The social media giant generally avoided the ETH ecosystem under his leadership. Dorsey repeatedly stated that he is “bitcoin only” and has at times appeared to bait ETH0_. In November 2013, Dorsey was elected Twitter CEO.

NFT Twitter profile photos have become a popular trend, and the company said that it has received many requests to create a way for NFT-related profile pictures to be verified.

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