U.S. Venture Capitalist Tim Draper Suggests Investing in Bitcoin to Millennials


Tim Draper suggests millennials should invest in bitcoin to safeguard their economic expectations. The legend of Silicon Valley concludes that millennials have their expectations of the global financial system, but the economic framework that was handed down from the prior generation does not function properly for today’s reality.

He blames the banking system of being responsible for millennials in several thousands of dollars of debt. As a result of this scenario, Draper suggests bitcoin as an opportunity to invest in existing “decentralized” assets.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not restricted to any financial institution or government. Similar to fiat, users can pass or accept money unidentified or close to such; Similar to other internet remittance platforms, it also allows them to do this through the web.

Bitcoins are fundamentally lines of digital code that are carefully marked each time they move between different owners. Exchanges can be made secretly, which makes the asset approved among libertarians, tech lovers, investors, and crooks.

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