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Full Service Crypto Bank Victorieum Are Promising the Seemingly Impossible. Here’s How They Plan to Pull It Off

Cryptocurrencies are in the news for quite a long time now. However, there are still some significant issues which hold back many potential users of it. Some of the significant concerns regarding the use of crypto in daily life are safety and security issues as there are various hacking attacks already done and millions of dollars are stolen. The next problem is the fee structure for using crypto which is quite high and finally the features and characteristics of the crypto platform which are complicated for many users who are not related to this industry but want to invest or use the same. Victorieum, however, is promising something that may seem unreal or impossible, but their stronghold on Blockchain technology and their planning to set up a full-service crypto exchange is something one can look up to. It is being referred as ‘next generation’ of cryptocurrency platforms. The top-notch architecture of the platform assures that the users get to speed along with stability when they are using it. All these are made possible through the fantastic amalgamation of Blockchain technology to remove the present barriers in the crypto markets.

How are they planning it?

It started from the beginning of this year, January 2018 when the brains behind Victorieum project got the idea to revolutionize the centralized financial services using Blockchain. A core team was built, and the company was established legally and finally, the concept of the services and products were developed. Around May 2018, the wallets for cryptocurrencies were designed following the earlier version of the platform and the search for partners were on. In this October, the company is opening its presale from 20th of October, 2018 which will continue till November 5th. It will be followed by crowd sale, and the whole process will end in 2019, January. The plans are to distribute tokens and list them on other exchanges and finally launching their crypto exchange to provide seamless services to the customers. This company is planning to get into partnership with financial institutions for this project to make it more viable for the users.

Since this is an off-shore crypto bank platform; it is awaiting its license for the service which is due on 2019, May-June. Few major partnerships it is looking up to are with Swift and others. ‘AAA’ rated banks are supposed to approve their correspondent accounts with this platform for transacting in Euros and USD. Once all these are done, the bank will be launched along with the online banking facilities.

For better user’s experience, the platform will provide bank cards and also facilitate Fiat Trading both on Wallet app and the exchange of Victorieum.

Being a full-service crypto bank, it will disburse loans which whose underlying assets would be cryptocurrencies. For users and customers and agents, there will be various programs which will be initiated at different times.

Features and services of Victorieum that makes it different 

Victorieum platform can be genuinely referred as a full-service crypto bank because of its various features and functions. Here are core services and features provided by this platform for making a difference to the world of crypto –

  • Current Account Facilities: Whether it is corporates or individuals, both can open a current account with this crypto bank and use for their business transactions.
  • Fixed Deposits: The platform also provides fixed deposit accounts services where one can make investments using cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • Savings Accounts: Similarly, there is saving accounts as well for the users.
  • Credit Cards: This platform issues credit and debit cards to Victorieum Investors.
  • Victorieum Exchange: Crypto Exchange where the users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies – Victorieum tokens.
  • Investment services: This platform is not restricted to cryptocurrencies or banking facilities, it has a wide range of investment services including asset management, private wealth management, insurance advisory, and other investment-related services.

Hence, Victorieum is one platform that has all the required services and features of a centralized market of finance and the underlying Blockchain of superior quality which eases the experience of its customer.

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