Visa Launches B2B Connect, Beaxy Rivals Binance: The Weekly Show


Another busy week has passed with plenty of changes and developments in the cryptocurrency space. To discuss some of the top and most interesting stories in the sector, Finance Magnates caught up with Jessica Walker from BloxLive TV in our latest edition of The Weekly Show.

Here’s a rundown of what we talked about.

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Visa Launches B2B Connect

In what has been described as an “important industry milestone which will accelerate the evolution of how commercial payments move around the world”, Visa has launched its blockchain payments system B2B Connect.

Who will be able to access this system, where is it available and what does this mean for the industry? All this and more is discussed in The Weekly Show.

Coinbase Expands Visa Debit Card Service in Europe

With cryptocurrency credit and debit card services becoming increasingly commonplace, Coinbase announced this past week that it has expanded its Visa debit card service in six European countries – Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

According to a report from CNBC, the card will allow Coinbase customers to spend digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin directly from their exchange wallets while making both online and offline transactions.

Beaxy Launches Crypto Trading Service

Can Binance handle the competition? Ready or not, there’s a new player in the crypto space that is aiming to rival large exchanges such as Binance. This week, Beaxy announced the launch of its much-anticipated cryptocurrency exchange platform, as Finance Magnates reported.

As we discussed in The Weekly Show, one of the key features that the platform is boasting is that, through a partnership deal with OneMarketData, Beaxy claims that it will execute trades at a rate of 225,000 per second per trading pair.

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