Vitalik Buterin Discloses Details About His Revenue Sources


Vitalik Buterin, the creator and founder of Ethereum (ETH) recently revealed during an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) Reddit thread that less than 10% of his non-ethereum holdings include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and Zcash.

The Reddit thread that occurred during February 18th on the Ethereum subreddit, produced many complaints against Buterin’s recent disclosure as this being a  potential conflict of interest on his part.

The Reddit AMA session

During the said session about Ethereum and its leadership, Buterin disclosed about holding over 350,000 ETH which is estimated to be worth $51 million. In addition, his portfolio also holds Ethereum-based tokens such as Kyber Network, Maker, Omisego, and Auger, though less than 10% of the value for his Ethereum.

In Addition to his income form the Ethereum Foundation, he also received other salaries over the past 12 months, including undisclosed amounts for “advisory tokens” mainly for his work on behalf for certain Ethereum-based projects in the past. Furthermore, Buterin revealed that he’s a shareholder for a London-based fintech Clearmatics and Starkware, that is currently developing a full proof stack for the Stark zero-knowledge protocol.

In addition, he has non-financial interests in a startup that’s developing Web 3, a decentralized web that removes the middleman, named L4. Buterin went on to say:

“I’d definitely support more people actively involved in protocol decision-making making such statements.”

Here’s a quick summary on Buterin portfolio as revealed by him in the AMA:

  • Non-ethereum-ecosystem tokens: BCH, BTC, DOGE, ZEC; total value < 10% the value of my ETH
  • Non-ETH ethereum ecosystem tokens: KNC, MKR, OMG, REP, total value <10% the value of my ETH
  • Significant corporate shareholdings: Clearmatics, Starkware [edit, forgot to put this in before]
  • Revenue in the last 12 months other than ethereum foundation salary: a few advisor tokens (included in above)
  • Non-financial interests: friends in the ecosystems represented by the above projects, as well as some non-token ethereum ecosystem orgs (eg. L4, Plasma Group, EthGlobal, EDCON) and non-token non-ethereum orgs (mainly professional cryptography and economics circles)


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