What is WePower (WPR) ? A Beginner’s Guide To WePower Cryptocurrency



WePower- Blockchain Technology Based Green Energy Trading Platform

The green energy platform of WePower strives to make way for a cleaner and healthier future by utilising the power of decentralized blockchain technology. WePower creators feel that one of the biggest problems bothering modern day population is the faulty energy source which is utilised for running operations. The benefits which usage of green energy tags along is unparalleled although using the same in our home setup might prove out to be pretty cumbersome. Gross annual renewable energy consumption rose from 7% in 2004 to 17% in 2014 in EU. 54% of Sweden’s economy is powered by renewable energy aiding it in efficient waste management apart from being an extremely clean country.

Ensuring this transition from dirty to clean energy on a global scale might prove out to be an extremely difficult task requiring decades of operation. Renewable energy needs a bulky investment to begin with in the form of wind turbine and solar panels. WePower wishes to cater to these problems by coming up with a network wherein everyone can participate with much ease. This decentralized ecosystem will empower people procuring green energy in buying and investing in the same through symbiotic collaborations.