Why MATCH Token Pre-Sale is Creating So Much Buzz


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There are many risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency projects. While there is an obvious risk of depreciation of the token price that cryptocurrencies have in common with regulated investments, there are idiosyncratic risks attached to this new asset class. First, the ICO market has been criticized for providing fertile soil for scams. Indeed, there have been some scams. Second, tokens are not agile and not flexible enough, affecting project value and success as the project matures. Third, tokens failed to maintain or increase their value and left their investors in sorrow.

MATCH is designed to overcome those risks through a clear vision, a definitive roadmap, and supported with strong resources in building the real product. The MATCH token team has a series of compelling plans to bring the token’s value up. Therefore, we are throwing the Pre-Sale event as the final sale before the public sale. This Pre-Sale offers a great benefit for the early token holders with 50% off (1 MATCH = 5 TRX) of public price. After January 3rd, 2021, 1 MATCH will be worth 10 TRX, and you can get it on the justswap.io platform. If you have been following our channels, you might be aware that this Pre-Sale event would have 40% off in our initial plan. Instead, the MATCH token team agreed to stay with 50% off, aiming to give more people to join during this pandemic situation.

If you are new to our token, you need to read the following explanations to help you envision the token’s potential for the holders.

  • MATCH token can actively use a decentralized application (DApp) named De-Bet, atransparent and trusted sports betting.
  • Moreover, De-Bet is the first decentralized betting for sports in the TRON network.
  • De-Bet is a platform running on top of Smart Contract that will trigger transactions automatically based on match results without any single interface that can alter the results.
  • The other way to grow the holders’ accounts passively is through a liquidity stake in Decentralized Finance.

What are you waiting for? Join the MATCH ICO (Initial Currency Offering) now to become MATCH early investors and enjoy a huge discount during this period, be a part of the MATCH community to grow and succeed together with other millions of MATCH holders.

MATCH Pre-Sale

When: December 20, 2020 – January 3, 2021
Price per Token: 5 TRX
Minimum contribution: 500 TRX

Considering the pandemic situation, we have opened an alternative for you who have BTC and ETH coins to participate in this Pre-Sale. Check our website (https://matchtoken.io) for further info to get MATCH tokens from your BTC or ETH.

Be part of the MATCH ecosystem to grow your investments actively and passively.

Meet the MATCH Core Team

Name: Shendy Wibowo
Role: Technical
Responsibilities: His main responsibilities are designing the platform’s technology architecture used by MATCH token, developing the overall platform focusing on the backend and smart contract, and managing technical matters in the platform development processes.

Name: Nikko Wahyudhi
Role: Marketing & Community
Responsibilities: His main responsibilities are applying the best marketing strategy, developing a community basis, and finding the best media channels to spread the benefits of holding and using MATCH tokens.

Name: Setiawan Hermanto
Role: Business
Responsibilities: His main responsibilities are developing the business strategy to achieve the MATCH token business objectives and reviewing business opportunities with the other potential partners.

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