Why the Crypto Champions Project is Shaking Up the World of NFTs


Since their introduction in Yoni Assias’ publication Coloured Coins, NFTs have been a sensation. Now they are thriving and they have a rapidly growing NFT market.

In the third quarter 2021 , NFT trading volume soared to USD 10.67 trillion. Investors spend more time studying the NFT phenomenon to be more convinced that all things NFT-related will be relevant in the near future.

Everyone is eager to invest because of the positive attention NFTs are getting now. It’s cool to be part the NFT “buzz”, but it’s even more exciting to be part NFT communities that offer more then just short-term wealth.

Signing up for NFT communities/projects that offer true integration, transparency and, above all, the chance to be part in something greater than yourself is the better option.

“Crypto Champions” is one of very few NFT projects to tick all these boxes.

This article will explain the most important details about Crypto Champions, and why this NFT project might be the right thing for you.

True community

Crypto Champions is a community of over 8000 unique NFTs. Crypto Champions offers a unique membership on the Web 3.0. Community members will have access to everything, from cryptocurrency and metaverse to crypto gaming. This is a modern digital community.

Crypto Champions’ mission is simple:

To stay ahead of the pack and be the most valuable digital community (e-commerce, investment, and realty), you can leverage the virtually limitless power of Web 3.0 (DAOs and NFTs, crypto and the metaverse).

The quality of its members is what makes a community strong. Crypto Champions believe in self-improvement and that’s why they are so big on it.

The Crypto Champions founders have set aside USD 1,000,000 in a trackable public pocket to reward members who are dedicated and active in supporting community goals. This money can be used to buy cash, or it could be used as startup capital for highly-performing entrepreneurs.

Tracking activities in the public wallet is possible here.

Members of Crypto Champions have many additional benefits, not only:

Incredible Investment Opportunities

It is hard to beat timely information about investment opportunities. Crypto Champions members will be able to see exactly what this means as they will have early access to lucrative real estate deals, angel investments and initial coin offerings (ICO).

Uninhibited access to priceless commercial knowledge

Crypto Champions is a commercially and financially sound organization thanks to the success of its founders. These founders will provide members with access to highly-respected professional courses, webinars and one-on-1 sessions.

These resources have been accumulated by highly successful individuals and are often made available to Crypto Champions members at no cost.

What are Crypto Champions NFTs?

Crypto Champions is a collection 3D human models of premium quality. There are two types of models: PRIVILEGED or REBELS.

Each faction is unique in its expressions, uniforms and weapons. You get 3D human soldiers with both factions when you add 136 traits.

Minting Champion NFTs can be a rewarding job. When they mint rare NFTs, members of the Champions Community can earn up to ten-fold the original investment.

Participating in simple games can help members who aren’t able to collect rare NFTs increase their NFTs’ value. Your NFTs will become rarer the more you win. Market values will rise if rare NFTs are found!

Brighter days ahead!

These models will be at their best when they compete for the Crypto Champions METAWAR.

Crypto Champions feels unique because it’s different!

Crypto Champions is more than just minting and trading NFTs. It is so much more.

It’s about promoting and maintaining the “we all will make it” mentality that many people enter the cryptocurrency world for. It is about creating a strong community of people with strong wills who want to help the community and the wider world.

The best thing about Crypto Champions is the fact that members can have fun and grow as individuals.

The Crypto Champions project couldn’t have chosen a better time than now to be the main NFT sensation.

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