XRP Rallies While Bitcoin Hits USD 39K & Total Market Cap Smashes USD 1 Trillion


The most troubled major cryptoasset, XRP, is the best performing coin in the top 10 club today, while the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC), just surpassed USD 39,000, helping the total crypto market capitalization surpass USD 1 trillion for the first time. (Updated at 16:27 PM UTC with the latest market data, a new comment has been added).

At pixel time (16:25 PM UTC), XRP trades at USD 0.364 and is up by 46% in a day and 66% in a week, trimming its monthly losses to less than 44%.

XRP price chart:

The token is rallying despite numerous bad news that keep coming for XRP and the lack of good news.


— Livercoin (@livercoin)

In the meantime, BTC smashed USD 39,000 today. It trades at USD 39,197 and is up by 12% in a day and 37% in a week. The price more than doubled in a month and rallied by 363% in a year.

Also, the total market capitalization now stands above USD 1 trillion. Bitcoin dominance, or the percentage of the total market capitalization, is around 68%.

As reported, as bitcoin’s latest surge continues to convert ranks of legacy finance institutions into crypto-enthusiasts, legendary investor Bill Miller predicts that “the current relative trickle into bitcoin” could become “a torrent.”

Also, Revolut said it has attracted 300,000 new crypto customers over the last 30 days, while around 100,000 of those signups came since the beginning of 2021, Business Insider reported. At the same time, crypto trading startup Luno said that it recently surpassed 6 million customers and has seen a surge in activity in recent days, the report added.


Other reactions

Tuur nailed this one back in May with BTC trading at $9k

— Connor Dempsey (@Cdempsey44)

Crypto market cap is closer to $1.5 trillion already if you factor in enterprise values of its startups.

— Ryan Bitcorn Selkis (@twobitidiot)

#Bitcoin is now worth more than Tesla. So, will you accept it, @elonmusk? https://t.co/kgSBdgcbMZ

— Documenting Bitcoin (@DocumentBitcoin)

Yes https://t.co/hIUvg53JNt

— FatihSK (@FatihSK87)

If your parabola is looked at on a log scale then you actually understand the parabola.

— BitcoinTina☣️- “TINA” #bitcoin (@BitcoinTina)

#Bitcoin has crossed the rubicon

— ParabolicTrav (@parabolictrav)

In other words, the BTC bull run is just getting started. https://t.co/QR1KA5L1M4

— Marc van der Chijs (@marcvanderchijs)

“If #bitcoin never existed gold would be rallying even more right now, but I guess if you are under 40 bitcoin is y… https://t.co/g7x4BAsW4J

— Squawk Box (@SquawkCNBC)

Great thread from @kenoshaking!

— Rafael Schultze-Kraft (@n3ocortex)

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